Average age of Kazakh ministers is 49.9 years old

Kazakh Government
Photo credit: Mukhtor Kholdorbekov/ Kazinform

The average age of ministers in the Kazakh Government is 49.9 years old as of February 22, 2024, according to analysis of Ranking.kz.

The oldest minister at 62.5 years old is Yerlan Nyssanbayev who heads the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Defense Minister Ruslan Zhaksylykov and Aidarbek Saparov are the second and third oldest in the Cabinet. They are 58 and 57.7 years old, respectively.

Transport Minister Marat Karabayev happens to be the youngest at 36.6 years old. Coming in second is Emergencies Minister Chingis Arinov who is 40.3 years old. At 41 years old, Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry Minister Bagdat Mussin is the third youngest member of the Kazakh Government.

According to Ranking.kz, the average age of ministers in the EAEU member states stands at 50.9 years old. 10 out of 21 ministers in the Kazakh Government are older than the average EAEU figure.

Armenia’s Cabinet is the youngest in the EAEU at 40,9 years old, while Russia has the oldest Government members of which are 55.1 years old on average.

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