Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia to hold joint naval drills

BAKU. KAZINFORM - Naval Forces of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan and Russian Caspian Flotilla will hold trilateral naval drills in 2015, RIA Novosti reported with the reference to head of the press service of Russian Southern Military District, Colonel Igor Gorbul.

"In 2015 detachment of ships of the Caspian Flotilla will take part in joint international exercises with naval forces of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan within the planned activities of international military cooperation between the Caspian states," Gorbul said.

Naval forces of the littoral states will hold the joint exercises in the middle part of the Caspian Sea in June -July 2015. The common drills of Naval Forces of three countries will be held for the first time.

Within the joint exercises the warships of the three countries will fulfill the task of protecting sea lanes and maritime areas of economic activity, including elements of the joint navigation and maneuvering, single and joint military exercises with artillery fire on sea, air and shore targets, Kazinform refers to

Moreover the sailors of tree countries will conduct exercises on search and rescue support and assistance to the vessel in distress.

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