Baby with Zika-related microcephaly born at New Jersey hospital

WASHINGTON. KAZINFORM A baby girl with Zika virus-related microcephaly was born in New Jersey on Tuesday, hospital officials said.

"The mother is stable, obviously sad, which is the normal emotional reaction given the situation," said Dr. Abdulla Al-Khan, director of maternal and fetal medicine at Hackensack University Medical Center.

The mother is visiting the United States from Honduras and does not want to be identified.

This is the second known case of a baby born with Zika-related birth defects in the United States. The first baby was born in Hawaii.

Doctors first examined the mother when she came to the medical center Friday. Ultrasound screening revealed the baby had "significant microcephaly," he said. Babies with microcephaly have small brains and heads.

The baby also had calcification and dilated ventricles in the brain, according to Al-Khan.

Tests were done to rule out other causes of these abnormalities.

"When I saw her today, I was pretty much convinced this was a Zika-affected baby," he said.

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