Baikonur citizens actively partake in Kazakh presidential election

BAIKONUR. KAZINFORM – Kazakhstanis residing and working in the Baikonur space complex actively partake in the Kazakh presidential election, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to the Karmakshinskiy district territorial election commission, which includes Baikonur, 11 polling stations have been set up in the city as the early presidential election are underway in Kazakhstan. The number of voters in the city totals 21,088 people.

Aksakals (elder people) were among the first to come to the polling stations at 7:00am to case their votes in the elections. They were given the chapan and camisole by the members of the election mission to show respect and gratitude. Elders gave their blessings to the city’s residents and all Kazakhstanis for the bright future of the country.

«As of 4:00pm Astana time over 60% of all voters of Baibonur city cast their votes,» said the Karmakshinskiy district territorial election commission.

Kazakhstan is holding the early presidential election today. Voting is currently underway in 10,033 polling stations across the country.

As of 4:05pm the turnout stood at 62.34% in the Kazakh presidential election.

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