Bangladeshi man missing for 23 years returns home

DHAKA. August 3. KAZINFORM A Bangladeshi man who went missing for 23 years has been reunited with his family, who had given him up for dead, Kazinform refers to BBC.

Moslemuddin Sarkar, 52, arrived back in Dhaka on Tuesday, a day after being freed from a Pakistani jail with the help of the Red Cross.

His family lost contact after Mr Sarkar left for India in search of work in 1989. Years later, he ended up in Pakistan, where he was arrested.

He says he was beaten and tortured in his subsequent 15 years in prison.

"I requested that embassy officials send me back to Bangladesh but no one listened to me," he told the BBC.

"I suffered a lot in the prison and was crying for help. But no-one came to my rescue. Still I don't understand why I was kept in jail for such a long time. At last, I am back with my family and I feel great."

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