BATYRKHAN SHUKENOV: Professionals wanted as in all other spheres

ALMATY. February 27. KAZINFORM As you know, Batyrkhan Shukenov is a Kazakh pop star. He is a former lead singer of A-Studio, which is the pride of our culture.

Each of his songs is a hit, but I had a chance to talk to him, and it is a great success. The singer answered some questions of the journalists when being at the shooting of Good evening, Kazakhstan.

- Batyr, you don't have to get used to such sorts of events. You have things to compare with. What does participation in such arrangements mean for you; reminding of you to the audience, keeping working mood high, extra money, or something different?

- Neither one nor the other, nor the third. There is no need for reminding. If your viewers and listeners made s decision to forget you, the concerts won't help. They are interested in the creative work of an artist. As for working mood, to be honest with you, I have never had any problems with that. With the music I am 24 hours a day. And as for money, one should believe me, I could have found a more profitable occupation. My reasons are quite commonplace. I like this show. I like the quality of shots, a nice room, and very active audience. Well, then, that is another occasion of seeing my colleagues.

- What do you have to surprise your fans with? New songs and music videos?

- As usual, new songs are being set, new programs being created and new concerts being organized. As I have said I am with my work day-and-night. To speak the details makes no sense. I suppose that things like a song and a clip one needs to see, to hear and to judge. Then saying about something "to be" can not arouse interest.

- Recently on TV there has been a documentary series named Wall of honor about A-Studio musical group. We are sure you have watched it, and how do you characterize it?

- Sure, I have. Frankly speaking, some things I liked and some things I did not. But that is, I emphasize it, my personal point of view and therefore I keep the arguments to myself. I would just like to say that I am pleased with the fact that people do not forget to say about me when talking about A-Studio. My work in A-studio had been a part of my life. It means much for me.

- Batyrkhan, let's talk about the following, the Kazakh television. Do you appreciate the content of it?

- There is a need for professionals. It is unmistakable. The shortage of them is felt everywhere, in music and television. As they say, beauty is no limit. We need to learn, to travel abroad, to see how it is done with them. Today the content leaves much to be desired. There is a necessity for interesting topics. But here in Kazakhstan we have a lot of things that might arouse people's interest and need to be told about. I am eager to see our TV at a high level for the viewers, for them to feel like taking the remote controls and switch on the Kazakh programmes only.

- What kind of TV do you watch?

- I watch a few foreign channels. The channels about music and the educational ones. In other words, those ones that have an exceptional and amazing content. They are Mezzo (France) and Culture channels.

- How often do you visit Moscow, and do you keep friendly relations with the Russian stars, except, of course, your colleagues from A-Studio?

- Moscow is such a city! The pulse is different; each one is busy with himself (herself). Alas, no chance to meet. Right now, while I was driving to the studio I talked to Sevara, Valery Meladze, and Vladimir Presnyakov on the phone. But it does not work to sit down, have a cup of tea and talk with them. Unfortunately.

- Thank you for the interview, Batyrkhan.

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