Beautiful flock of flamingos lands in Atyrau

Beautiful flock of flamingos lands in Atyrau
Photo credit: a screenshot from a video

A flock of flamingos has recently landed in Atyrau. The birds have been observed on the left bank of the Ural River, in the vicinity of the “Sasyk Say” evaporation fields, where wastewater is discharged, Kazinform News Agency cites the Regional Communications Service of the Atyrau region.

Experts have identified a number of reasons why the Red Book flamingos have chosen this location.

“Recultivation works are now underway at the “Sasyk Say” and “Kvadrat” evaporation ponds. Furthermore, the construction of the wastewater treatment facility in the left-bank part of the city has been completed. This contributes to an overall improvement in the region's ecological profile. It can be assumed that small crustaceans, which are food for flamingos, are found here," Baurzhan Akhmet, head of construction of the left-bank treatment facilities, said.

To date, construction activities are underway in the left-bank sector of the city to treat wastewater emanating from residential sources and deliver it to the treatment plant. Following this process, the treated water is then conveyed to evaporation fields. The treatment plant has a daily capacity of 70,000 cubic meters of water.

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