Bee swarm clinging to car boot has Welsh town abuzz

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Thousands of bees left a town buzzing after swarming on to the boot of a car.

The insects are believed to have swarmed on to the back of a silver Mitsubishi Outlander after their queen got stuck in its boot.

Tom Moses, a ranger at the Pembrokeshire coast national park, noticed a "brown splodge" on the back of the car after the owner parked it in Haverfordwest to do some shopping. When he looked closer, he realised it was a swarm of bees - thought to number more than 10,000.

Moses, 41, said: "I have never seen that many bees in one spot. It was very unusual and then you go and take a closer look, it is quite spectacular.

"They were packed in quite tight and covered a couple of square feet. There was a lot of buzzing and moving.

"It was interesting to see such a natural phenomenon but there were a lot of people around and I was a bit worried of the bees and the people passing by, their children stopping to look at it. It was the middle of a town and outside a pub. I thought that someone might do something stupid."

Moses called the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers' Association after his discovery on Sunday and two beekeepers helped remove the swarm by luring the bees into a cardboard box.

Moses, of Haverfordwest, spent about three hours looking after the bees - and was stung five times on the head, neck and behind the ears.

He said: "My stings are a bit itchy, but they are not too bad now. I am pleased it all worked out and I was able to help. People need to realise that bees are valuable things and they need to be looked after and not hurt."

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Photograph: Tom Moses/PA

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