Beijing SCO prime ministers'sitting sums up results

BEIJING. October 14. KAZINFORM /Ruslan Suleimenov/ The 8th session of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization prime ministers took place in Beijing today.

In the course of the session the heads of the governments noted importance of consistent implementation of the Treaty on long-term neighborhood, friendship and cooperation of the SCO member countries as of August 16, 2007 and the agreements of the Yekaterinburg summit held in June, 2009.

It should be noted that adoption of the Joint initiative on activation of multilateral economic cooperation on overcoming the consequences of the global economic crisis and ensuring further development of the SCO countries' economies has become a timely step of the current session.

Alongside, regular exchange of experience among the business circles of the member countries plays a significant role in activation of the trade-economic and investment cooperation. The participants welcomed the results of the SCO Trade-Industry Forum held within the sitting.

The participants decided to enhance financial cooperation within the Organization. In accordance with the agreements reached at the Yekaterinburg summit the financial bodies of the member states were charged to intensify exchange of information regarding overcoming the impact of the world financial-economic crisis. The prime ministers also agreed to study the opportunity of organization of a meeting of finance ministers and heads of the national banks.

The relevant structures of the SCO member countries together with the Council of the National Coordinators were entrusted with a task to accelerate coordination of the Main principles of formation and functioning of the SCO Special account.

In addition, the heads of the governments highlighted the role of the Business Council and Interbank Association of the SCO as an important platform of economic and financial cooperation of the Organization and drafting propositions on implementation of promising joint projects.

Having emphasized importance of establishing cooperation in agriculture the prime ministers agreed to hold the first meeting of the SCO agriculture ministers and consider a draft Agreement among the SCO governments on cooperation in this sphere.

Summing up the sitting results, the prime ministers approved a report of the SCO Secretariat on the course of implementation of the Program on multilateral trade-economic cooperation of the SCO member-countries.

The participants also discussed a number of issues connected with financial and organization activity of the SCO permanent bodies and approved the Organization's budget for 2010.

The authorized representatives of the SCO member states signed a Protocol among the customs services  on cooperation in preparation and further training of the customs officers.

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