Beijing to hand in 2022 Winter Games bidding report

BEIJING. KAZINFORM Beijing will formally submit the 2022 Winter Olympic Games bidding report to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Tuesday in Lausanne.

Chinese Olympic Committee president Liu Peng and Beijing 2022 Bid Committee president and mayor of Beijing Wang Anshun headed the team, whose presentation in Lausanne will weigh heavily in Beijing's bidding process.

The IOC will send an evaluation team to China in March before it elects the host city of the 2022 winter Games from either Beijing or Almaty, Kazakhstan on July 31 in Kuala Lumpur. Beijing would co-host the Games with Zhangjiakou, a Hebei province city some 200 kilometers northwest of Beijing, if it won the 2022 bid, Xinhua reports. Ice sports would be staged in Beijing while snow events would be held in Zhangjiakou.

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