Belarus, Kazakhstan mull over joint construction projects

MINSK. KAZINFORM – Belarusian First Deputy Architecture and Construction Minister Igor Kostyukov spoke about promising Belarusian construction projects in Kazakhstan and other countries at a press conference to discuss development prospects of the national civil engineering industry ahead of Builder's Day in BelTA's press center on 28 July.

According to Igor Kostyukov, Belarus used to earn up to $1 billion on export of construction services as it implemented large-scale, landmark projects. At present, the majority of the country's construction projects abroad have to do with the construction of social facilities and housing, sometimes facilities of industrial enterprises, for example, renovation of Russian oil refineries and construction of cement plants.

«We are launching large-scale programs of cooperation with Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. They provide for building social facilities and housing. We have also received requests to build industrial facilities. For example, we are considering building a joint enterprise to make ceramic tiles in Kazakhstan, by analogy with Belarus' Keramin or Beryoza Ceramica. Another significant project that is currently in the works is Belarus' participation in the construction of cultural and business complexes in Russia's Primorsky Krai and Kaliningrad. These are truly unique projects and this will be a valuable experience for us. We are currently discussing financial matters,» Igor Kostyukov said.

He said that the ceramic tile plant may be built in Kazakhstan if there are enough raw materials for it in that country. Now the geological and environmental services of Kazakhstan are studying the volume of available resources as it will make no economic sense to import them.

Another project is under development in Kazakhstan, namely the construction of the Belarusian Quarter. «Our offer involves turnkey construction. We seek to use Belarusian specialists and workers, Belarusian-made building materials, furniture and sanitary ware. But Kazakhstan wants at least 50% of the materials and labor to be local. This is not entirely profitable for us. Although due to the long distance, we will not be able to use Belarusian materials only. So in terms of materials, this is an acceptable option but it is not so regarding the labor force. Work on the project is in progress. There is no yet agreement on the timing,« Igor Kostyukov added, Kazinform refers to BelTA.

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