Berlusconi says will get drunk if Monti loses polls

ROME. February 18. KAZINFORM Italy's former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi said on Sunday he was about to prepare sparkling wine to celebrate the electoral loss of caretaker premier Mario Monti and his allies.

Parliamentary elections in Italy are scheduled for February 24-25.

"If Monti, Fini and Casini won't be let into the Chamber of Deputies, I'll get drunk. I guess it's time to put some sparkling wine into my fridge. There is a possibility that I'll get drunk within the next few days," Berlusconi said speaking at a campaign event in Turin, according to RIA Novosti.

Chamber of Deputies speaker Gianfranco Fini responded by saying that "Berlusconi is already drunk with all that nonsense he has been saying."

Electoral rhetoric in austerity-hit Italy intensified as parliamentary campaign nears its end. Earlier, Berlusconi described Monti as "a person who knows nothing about economy," while Monti, in his turn, called Berlusconi a "scoundrel" in his recent TV speech.

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