Best new apps for 2015

RIYADH. KAZINFORM - From ride-hailing to photo sharing, here are a few up-and coming apps and startups to watch in in 2015. Which will be the breakout hit of the New Year?

Tell a Story

Instagram now has 300 million users - more than Twitter. Scrolling through its snapshot feeds give users a quick glimpse into the lives of friends and strangers. Its simplicity is part of its appeal. But what if you want to tell a longer story? Enter Storehouse, a mobile app that promise to let you share "your stories," as they happen. Instead of sharing one-off photos, Storehouse lets users combine photos, videos and words to share anything from a detailed recipe, to travel memories or a first-person documentary.

Cook a Meal Food-ordering apps such as Seamless have made it easy to order in. And if you want to venture outside, OpenTable and smaller competitors such as Reserve help you quickly book a table with their smartphone apps. But if you'd rather give your loved ones the personal touch, new DIY services will provide carefully measured ingredients and detailed recipes for even the clumsiest of cooks, Kazinform refers to the Arab News. Sites such as HelloFresh, Plated, and Blue Apron deliver weekly boxes of raw ingredients - even including spices and, at least in the case of HelloFresh, water.

Put that phone down If your New Year's resolution is to stop being so rude with your phone and talk to your friends face-to-face every once in a while, there's an app for you, too. It is called Moment and it tracks how much you use your iPhone and iPad each day (sorry, no Android version yet). If you are trying to cut back on your screen habit, you can set daily limits and the app will notify you when you exceed them. Moment Family, meanwhile, lets you monitor your whole family's phone use - by looking at your phone.

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