Betting scandal rocks UK's ruling party

Rishi Sunak
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Britain's ruling Conservative party is embroiled in a scandal involving allegations that senior officials used insider knowledge to place bets on the general election date, reports Kazinform.

Five individuals linked to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak are under investigation for allegedly betting on the July 4 election date prior to its announcement on May 22.

Opposition leader Keir Starmer has called for Sunak to suspend those involved, criticising Sunak's hesitation to act.

Sunak expressed his anger, stating, "If anyone is found to have broken the rules, not only should they face the full consequences of the law, but I will make sure that they are booted out of the Conservative Party. "He also clarified that neither he nor his family had placed bets on the election timing.

The Gambling commission is investigating potential offences under Section 42 of the Gambling act, which prohibits using confidential information for an unfair betting advantage.

A commission spokesperson confirmed the ongoing investigation but declined to identify the individuals involved.

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