Bird flu caused mass death of mute swans in Mangistau region

AKTAU. KAZINFORM Bird flu caused mass death of swans on the Lake Karakol in Mangistau region. The pathological material samples sent to the National Reference Center for Veterinary proved it was bird flu, Kazinform learned from the Agriculture Ministry’s Veterinary Control Committee.

Lake Karakol acts as one of the resting and refueling zones for migrating mute swans, which inhabit almost all the territory of Kazakhstan.

According to local authorities, as many as 10,000 swans choose Lake Karakol for waiting out winter.

The Veterinary Control Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture has already sent 18,644 doses of vaccine to prevent spread of bird flu in poultry and other captive birds in Mangistau region.

As reported , corps of dead swans were found December 19 on the shore of Lake Karakol in Mangistau region. Blogger Azamat Sarsenbayev was the first who shared a distressing video of the swan bodies floating in the waters of the lake.


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