Book «Creator. Nursultan Nazarbayev: View from Russia» presented in Moscow

MOSCOW. KAZINFORM - The book titled "Creator. Nursultan Nazarbayev: View from Russia" was presented in Moscow yesterday.

Representatives of diplomatic missions of CIS countries and a number of European states visited the presentation of the book published with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan.

Commenting on the publication of the book which was initiated by the Embassy of Kazakhstan and Russia Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia Marat Tazhin noted that he was impressed with the response from representatives of scientific, public and cultural community of Russia and with their readiness to describe their feelings and impressions left from the meeting with N. Nazarbayev.

According to M. Tazhin, the factor of leadership of N. Nazarbayev cannot be put in the frame of standard politological models. It is just a unique historical phenomenon.

"The President of Kazakhstan had to face the challenges of a new level after the most difficult period after obtaining independence, he had to change his style of management and develop new qualities. It made Nursultan Nazarbayev another person. During the first stage he was an authoritative regional politician with a great experience in the previous economic system, then during the second stage he was a leader of the society that became independent and just began its way into unknown future. Briefly speaking, he became a leader - modernizer," M. Tazhin said.

M. Tazhin also noted that the new edges of the political leadership of N. Nazarbayev have been even better seen in the last decade which is associated with the crises in the most parts of the world. It was the time when politicians and economists of the world used ask one question "What is next?

"N. Nazarbayev became one of a few politicians of the modern world who proposed the deep theoretical interpretation of the origin of the crisis. Moreover, Kazakhstan overcame the crisis with the least damage to the economy than most of the countries thanks to its decisive problem management style," the diplomat emphasized.

According to him, post-crisis development of the world requires the new approach from the leaders. The course of the history changes everything. The important factors are rising at the top of everything.

First of all, it is a sharp increase of the intellectual level required from the leaders. Secondly, the ability to form and implement innovative national projects, form the layers for managerial layer, political and economic elite is extremely significant now. Thirdly, taking into account the importance of all economic indicators the true leadership will require a unique balance between political and economic, ethnical and religious processes in the society. Moreover, these processes often contradict each other.

"Generally speaking, a leader is now supposed to have three the most important qualities - intellect, innovativeness, balance. These are the qualities demonstrated by the Leader of Kazakhstan," M. Tazhin stressed.

In regard to the book itself, in the introduction of the book member of the Federation Council, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for International Affairs Vitaly Ignatenko writes: "This book is about a big and powerful country and about the beginning of conquering of space, birth of national diplomacy and about renouncement of nuclear tests and nuclear weapons themselves, about creation of Astana and about the birth of the Eurasian Economic Union... and more importantly, it is about a man who made the modern prospering and multiethnic Kazakhstan a reality".

"Creator. Nursultan Nazarbayev: View from Russia" book consists of three parts. The first one includes opinions, essays of leading Russian publicists, columnists, journalists about the different qualities of one hero Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The book also has the stories, comments and memories and personal assessment of the unique figure of President of Kazakhstan of the biggest public figures of Russia.

Opinions about the President of Kazakhstan of President of Russian Vladimir Putin, rector of Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichy, rector of Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs Anatoly Torkunov, film director Nikita MIkhalkov were documented in the book. Many other political figures contributed to the making of the historical book.

The book has been sort of written by many people who in their own way described, remembered and assessed the President of Kazakhstan. As a result, the book titled "Creator" which is in some sense a collective portrait of the Leader of Kazakhstan was created.

Some of the congratulations sent to N. Nazarbayev on his 75 th birthday were also included. One of the letters written by former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev stands out: "I am confident that you will be able to apply such your quality as looking ahead in the nearest future. It is the most important quality for a politician. All your friends, all friends and support of Kazakhstan in Russian will be really happy about your success. Moreover, the success of Kazakhstan will be an example for all the others".

The participants of the book presentation also praised the scale of the figure of N. Nazarbayev that allowed him to become one of the recognized world leaders.

The idea of all the speeches was probably better put by Vitaly Igatenko.

"Nursultan Nazarbayev is one of the best leaders of the current political world. It is hard to overestimate his contribution to establishment of Kazakhstan. We can even say that the establishment of Kazakhstan itself is an absolute personal achievement of N. Nazarbayev," he said.

At the end of the event, it was announced that President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev was awarded the highest prize of the Journalists Union of Russia - the Badge of Merit.

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