Book ‘Path to Europe. European Union: Experience of Integration Model’ presented in Almaty

ATY. November 5. KAZINFORM /Daniyar Sikhimbayev/ A new book of Kazakhstani scientist Berlin Irishev "The Path to Europe. European Union: an Experience of the Integration Model" has been presented today in Almaty.

In the period of Kazakhstan's accession to the 'Path to Europe' pointed out by the President of the country the book of B. Irishev is of great interest. His treatment of the European construction is of significant importance as far as it is a priceless tool for its better understanding in Central Asia.

According to the author the book covers 12 sections. "I described the integration process as far as it comprises complex negotiations and search for consensus. The leaders of the EU countries demonstrated a great political culture, made concessions and the same time they always went forward and did not stop at achieved results", - B. Irishev said.

The European Council according to him is a dynamic construction, a region in the form of a construction site which always has to find solutions to new problems and deal with new challenges.

The book was issued by Raritet publishing house with the pressrun of 1 000 copies. The edition is firstly addressed to economists, political scientists and experts in international relations.

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