Brazil reports all-time lowest moving average of deaths from COVID-19

BRASILIA. KAZINFORM On April 19, 2021, Brazil recorded the highest moving average of deaths from COVID-19—some 3 thousand fatalities daily. Today (Oct. 19), exactly six months after the peak of the pandemic, the country’s Health Ministry reports that mass vaccination against disease has proved effective: deaths plummeted by nearly 90 percent. The trend has been observed since June.

The moving average of deaths stands at 379.5, followed by a sharp decrease in the number of new cases of the disease—12.3 thousand a day, AgenciaBrasil reports.

«The vaccine is the answer to bringing an end of the pandemic character of the disease. It is the only way we can go back to normal,» Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga declared in a note, adding that the government has acquired 550 million doses of the vaccine against COVID-19, invested billion in ICU beds, and vaccinated more than 90 percent of the Brazilian population with the first dose.

According to Queiroga, the country’s vaccination campaign should continue in 2022 as 354 million doses of vaccines approved in the country have been purchased early. The vaccination plan for 2022 was unveiled early in October.

«We have 300 million doses guaranteed, to vaccinate our people. It will be a little different from what happened in 2021, because it is not primary vaccination, but the important thing is, we will have vaccine doses for everyone,» said Queiroga.

The ministry’s vaccination dashboard shows that more than 108 million Brazilians are now fully vaccinated—68 percent of the target public of the National Immunization Program. Furthermore, 3.6 million people have received the booster dose, recommended for those aged 60 and older, immunosuppressed people, and health agents.

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