Brazil unveils wildfire protection program

BRASILIA. KAZINFORM - Brazil’s Environment Ministry has introduced the National Wildlife Rescue Program, Resgate+ in short. The initiative will include operational bases with specialized staff and equipment, conducting wildlife control strategies and operations to rescue, recover, and protect vulnerable animals across all six Brazilian biomes, Agencia Brasil reports.

Goals include reducing losses in biodiversity resulting from extreme natural events or man-made accidents as well as assistance in sending off rescued animals for the appropriate care.

The program also encompasses efforts in training, environmental education and conduct, as well as the development of plans for the prompt response to disasters and accidents that may impact wildlife, in addition to agreements and partnerships to meet those goals.

The program will be coordinated by Biodiversity Secretariat of the Environment Ministry, which should seek to forge collaborations with other governmental agencies, the private enterprise, and society, to reach its goals and establish rules and deadlines for project conditions.

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