Brazilian President has pneumonia, still at semi-intensive care unit

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro showed symptoms of pneumonia, according to a medical report released Thursday (Feb. 7) by São Paulo's Albert Einstein Hospital. His temperature reached 38º C and he is still at the semi-intensive care unit, Agencia Brasil reports.

On Twitter, Bolsonaro wrote he was OK. "We are very calm, well, and we're still strong," adding a thumbs-up to his text.

Bolsonaro "was submitted to a tomography of his thorax and abdomen, which showed good progress of the intestines and imaging compatible with pneumonia."null

In order to address the problem, the medical team intensified the treatment with antibiotics, adding a new medication. "The doctors decided to add a new component to the list of antibiotics, a new drug, so the spectrum can be even wider," said General Rêgo Barros, the president's spokesman.

Bolsonaro is still not in pain, and using a nasogastric tube and an abdominal drain to remove fluids, and has also been receiving water orally and being fed intravenously.

Today, he did breathing exercises and walked down the hallway. Bolsonaro is said to have difficulty sleeping, and the medical staff are considering "helping him, so he can sleep a little longer."

Visits to the president are still limited. Bolsonaro talked on the phone with Environment Minister Ricardo Salles on ministerial issues. As for the pension reform, Barros said the president will consider all lines of action before working out, along with the economy minister, the guidelines of the proposal will be submitted to Congress.

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