Bridge over Bosporus East Strait officially open to traffic

VLADIVOSTOK. August 1. KAZINFORM The bridge over the Bosporus East Strait has been officially declared open to transport vehicles of all types on Wednesday.

The bridge was put into operation on July 2. Since then, traffic via the bridge has been proceeding in a testing mode and was open only to motor vehicles involved in building facilities intended for an APEC summit which will be held on the Russky Island in September. Various types of tests have been carried out over the past month and thousands of tonnes of building materials have been carried via the bridge, Itar-Tass reports.

This bridge is one of facilities that are provided for by the Programme "The Development of Vladivostok as a Center for International Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region". It runs from Nazimov Peninsula across the Bosporus East Strait and to Cape Novosilsky on the Russky Island.

The bridge is 3.1 km long. The world's longest cable-stayed length of the bridge -- 1,104k m -- stretches between two pylon-type supports, 320 metres high. The bridge is kept above the water surface at a height of 70 metres by guy ropes with an aggregagte length of over 54 km.


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