Cairo Nights: New cultural hub for Jeddah Season 2024

Cairo Nights: New Cultural Hub for Jeddah Season 2024
Photo credit: SPA

The Cairo Nights zone in the City Walk attracted visitors to Jeddah Season 2024, offering a unique experience that blended heritage, entertainment, and cultural events, reflecting the beauty and authenticity of ancient Egyptian civilization, SPA reports. 

From the moment they enter, visitors feel as if they have stepped into the heart of Old Cairo, where bustling markets, vibrant entertainment, bright colors, and architectural designs embody the authenticity and beauty of Egyptian heritage, while in the background are the voices of craftsmen who display their skills in manufacturing handmade products.
Cairo Nights immerses visitors in the ambiance of authentic Egyptian streets, allowing them to savor traditional foods and beverages while enjoying live theatrical performances.
This zone strengthens cultural ties between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, inviting visitors to delve into the rich tapestry of Egyptian civilization and culture. Embodying Egypt's identity, history, and heritage, it is a distinctive and valuable addition to Jeddah's entertainment and tourism landscape.

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