Call for protecting EEU light industry market by legalizing grey import

MINSK. KAZINFORM - The protection of the domestic light industry market of the Eurasian Economic Union should initially focus on legalizing grey import. The opinion was voiced by Vyacheslav Mirusin, First Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian light industry concern Bellegprom, before the international conference on public procurement in the Eurasian Economic Union began in Minsk on 20 March, BelTA has learned.

"For the sake of protecting the domestic market it is necessary to focus initially not on restrictions, some administrative measures or higher import duties. It is necessary to focus on legalizing grey import. In other words, it is necessary to track import and collect statistics data," noted Vyacheslav Mirusin. In his words, Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan are implementing a pilot project that provides for using RFID chips to mark natural fur apparel. RFID chips will allow systematizing records about the movement of goods and will provide clear understanding of where and of what specific products are made, BelTA reports.

Belarus is the leader in the Eurasian Economic Union in applying control marking. "Control marks are applied to quite a large number of foods and non-foods in Belarus. So we have the relevant regulations in place. Certainly, the regulations will serve as the foundation for further development of RFID marking later on," said Vyacheslav Mirusin.

In his opinion, it is necessary to understand what areas need specific restrictive measures. The official said that Russia is a WTO member and WTO membership comes with certain commitments such as keeping the market open, keeping a certain level of import duties, and using no barriers to stop the flow of merchandise. "We certainly take into account all these factors," said Vyacheslav Mirusin.

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