Cambodia PM Hun Sen to resign, pass power to son in few weeks

Photo: Kyodo
PHNOM PENH. KAZINFORM - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said he will resign in a few weeks and hand power to his son Hun Manet, in a televised address Wednesday, Kyodo reports.

Hun Sen ruled the country for 38 years. The announcement of his resignation comes after his Cambodian People's Party won a landslide victory in Sunday's general election, held in the absence of viable challengers.

«I announce that Hun Manet will become prime minister on Aug. 22,» said Hun Sen, now aged 70, adding that he will not be retiring from politics but will instead continue to serve as the head of the CPP.

Hun Manet, 45, contested and won a parliamentary seat for the first time in Sunday's election.

It was the second consecutive National Assembly election to be held without a viable opposition force, with the previous one having taken place in 2018.

The main opposition Candlelight Party was barred from taking part after they were disqualified by the country's election committee in May. The committee said the party failed to submit proper registration documents.

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