Caravan Sarai of Golden Horde era unearthed in Kazakhstan

ATYRAU. KAZINFORM The Caravan Sarai dating back to the Golden Horde era was unearthed in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. It was made public at the international scientific conference themed Ulyq Ulys-Altyn Orda, devoted to the 750th anniversary of the Golden Horde.

Some 15 km away from Saraishyq village the members of the Saraishyq state historical and cultural museum reserve discovered arrowheads, a mirror, fragments of pottery, a small coin jar, coins dated back to the period when Uzbek khan reigned and household items.

«The scientists believe that there was the Caravan Sarai for trading caravans in XIV century. They assume that there was not only the Caravan Sarai but also an entire rural settlement. The archeological diggings have just started,» chief inspector of the museum reserve Aibek Turaruly said.

The scientists suggested including the Caravan Sarai to the list of historical and cultural values of Kazakhstan.

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