Cattle being moved to safe areas due to floods in Kazakhstan

Photo: agriculture ministry of Kazakhstan

Work is ongoing in the flood-hit regions of Kazakhstan to move cattle to safer areas to avoid a die-off, Kazinform News Agency cites the agriculture ministry of the country.

According to the latest data, around 30 thousand heads of livestock have been moved to a safe distance.

Due to the continued risk and expected second wave of floods, local executive bodies conduct work to inform people and ensure that livestock are moved in advance from areas at a high risk.

Unfortunately, there were deaths among cattle due to floods. Currently, the number of died animals is being calculated and the data is being updated, reads the statement of the Kazakh agriculture ministry.

To minimize epidemiological risks, the republican anti-epizootic team equipped with vehicles, disinfection means and incinerators has been deployed in the regions.

In addition, the personnel of the agriculture ministry are involved in combating floods and eliminating their aftermath.

The country pleads to compensate the damage in case of deaths of cattle as a result of flooding from local budgets and other sources.

Notably, around three thousand heads of cattle died as a result of flooding in Aktobe region.

On April 4, Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev is to make a working visit to one of the flood-affected regions.

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