Child injury cases became more frequent in Astana

ASTANA> July 27. KAZINFORM In Astana cases of injury cases among children have become more frequent leading to invalidity and deaths. This was reported to in the Center of healthy lifestyle formation of Astana city.

"As of today, in Astana 25 cases of falling from height were registered, including happened to children under 5 years - 14 cases, and 10 cases with children under 15 years. There were also 5 lethal cases happened to children who fell down through mosquito nets", - they report in the center.

It's also noted that in total, injury statistics is unfavourable in Kazakhstan.

Thus, over the first six months of 2013, in comparison with the first half year of 2012, occupational injury rate amounts to 662 cases (2012 - 680), 9 of them led to death (7). Falling from height - 51 cases (2012 - 50), with lethal outcome - 3 (3).

Road injury rate also remains topical, this year 886 cases happened to adults have been registered (2012 - 679), 8 people died (8), and 114 cases involving children (87), where 1 child died.

Falling from height along with road traffic accidents are the main reasons of injuries with lethal outcome. Among able-bodied people, falling from height more often involves construction workers. Falling is especially dangerous for elderly people for their consequences are very severe.

As it is noted in the Center, special attention is to be paid to falling of kids through mosquito nets. Parents are strongly recommended to keep children away from mosquito nets of multi-storey houses.


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