Children asked if bombs fall in Kazakhstan - President about Jusan operation

ASTANA. KAZINFORM At the opening ceremony of the Year of Youth in Astana, President Nursultan Nazarbayev told about the humanitarian operation on evacuation of Kazakhstani citizens from Syria.

"We have recently announced about the operation conducted by the country's special services on evacuation of our nationals from crisis-torn Syria. We have rescued 47 people in total. That was a serious and dangerous operation... Several hundreds of Kazakhstanis became victims of recruitment by terrorists. Many of them were killed. We will continue evacuating our nationals from Syria," said the President.

"Some children asked their mothers upon arrival to Kazakhstan if bombs fall here. "No, they don't," their mothers replied. You see, these children get used to live in such conditions since they were born," added he.

Earlier Kazinform reported about evacuation of 47 Kazakhstani nationals including 30 children from Syria by the Kazakh law-enforcement structures and the Kazakh Foreign Office.

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