China-Kazakhstan Entrepreneurs Committee 7th meeting held in Astana POWERCHINA signs $165 mln in new projects

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The seventh meeting of the China-Kazakhstan Entrepreneurs Committee was successfully held in Astana on 2 July 2024. This meeting served as an important platform to further strengthen economic and trade exchanges between the business communities of the two countries and to advance pragmatic cooperation under the "Belt and Road" initiative, attracting widespread attention. Business representatives from both China and Kazakhstan actively participated in the meeting, sharing their practical achievements in promoting economic and commercial cooperation between the two countries. First Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar also attended the meeting, injecting new vitality into the event. 

At the meeting, Power Construction Corporation of China (referred to as "POWERCHINA" or “the company”), a global leader in clean and low-carbon energy, water resources, and environmental construction, signed a series of significant new projects in the presence of First Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar, with a total contract value of USD$165 million, further deepening its business cooperation in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is committed to optimizing its energy structure and sustainable development, actively promoting clean energy and infrastructure projects to enhance the stability and sustainability of its power supply and improve the living quality for local residents. On June 10, 2024, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev issued a decree that introduced amendments and additions to the “Concept for the Transition of the Republic of Kazakhstan to a Green Economy,” further clarifying the country's goals and paths for achieving a green economic transition.

POWERCHINA's Commitment to Green Transformation

Mr. Tan Xiaofeng, Vice President of POWERCHINA Euro-Asia Headquarters, stated that Kazakhstan has already set a rapid pace of transformation at the national policy level and has outlined a series of measures for transitioning to a green economy. These measures include promoting water conservation and the adoption of advanced wastewater treatment technologies, energy conservation and emission reduction, increasing the proportion of renewable energy, developing carbon capture and storage technologies, and gradually reducing coal-fired power to achieve Kazakhstan's carbon neutrality goals. POWERCHINA, which has been deeply rooted in Kazakhstan for nearly 15 years, is committed to participating in and witnessing the realization of these great goals.

Mr. Tan Xiaofeng, Vice President of POWERCHINA Euro-Asia Headquarters, delivered a speech at the meeting Photo credit: Powerchina

To date, POWERCHINA has signed a total of 23 projects in Kazakhstan, covering hydropower, thermal power, renewable energy, road construction, and mining, with direct investment in Kazakhstan exceeding USD$100 million. Additionally, at this meeting, POWERCHINA announced the signing of several important new projects, including a 10,000-cow dairy farm complex project, a 20MW PV project, and a 450,000-tonne manganese ore project, demonstrating its firm commitment to boosting Kazakhstan's economic development.

Assisting Kazakhstan's Energy Transition

In promoting clean energy transformation, POWERCHINA will play a key role in the Modernization (coal to gas conversion) of Almaty CHP-2, aiming to significantly reduce its environmental footprint. As the largest thermal power plant in Kazakhstan, its pollution accounts for 22% of Almaty's total pollutants. The renovated plant will significantly reduce harmful emissions, with an expected reduction of approximately 44,000 tonnes per year. This will not only improve air quality but also ensure a stable supply of electricity and heat, providing Almaty residents with cleaner and more reliable energy.

Moreover, the 150MW Khromtau Wind Power Project, which began construction in June this year, is currently the largest single-capacity wind power project in Kazakhstan. Once operational, it will supply 1.889 billion kWh of clean electricity annually to the local grid, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 520,000 tonnes per year, effectively supplementing local industrial power demand and enhancing regional energy self-sufficiency.

Addressing Power Shortages and Energy Imbalances

POWERCHINA, with nearly 15 years of experience in Kazakhstan, has significantly improved the stability and quality of local energy supply by implementing a series of clean energy projects, driving the optimization of Kazakhstan's energy structure and the rapid development of clean energy. The 100MW Zhanatas Wind Power Project, the largest wind power project in southern Kazakhstan, generates approximately 350 million kWh of electricity annually, meeting the power needs of nearly 200,000 households and greatly alleviating power shortages in the southern region. The 60MW Shelek Wind Power Project supplies 220 million kWh of electricity annually to southern Kazakhstan, providing stable power to 70,000 households and significantly enhancing the reliability of the Almaty region's power grid.

Future Cooperation Prospects

Looking ahead, POWERCHINA will continue to deepen its cooperation with Kazakhstan to help the country achieve higher quality sustainable development goals. At this seventh meeting of the China-Kazakhstan Entrepreneurs Committee, POWERCHINA demonstrated its commitment to actively promoting Kazakhstan's energy transformation. The company will continue to innovate and practice actively, providing strong support for Kazakhstan's energy future and helping the country achieve its grand goal of a green economic transition.

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Power Construction Corporation of China (referred to as "POWERCHINA") is a global leader in clean and low-carbon energy, water resources, and environmental construction. As a key player in global infrastructure connectivity and a leading enterprise in serving the "Belt and Road" initiative, POWERCHINA has developed its international business over more than sixty years. It has established six regional headquarters worldwide, located in Southeast Africa, Central and West Africa, North Africa and the Middle East, Eurasia, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas.

Over the years, POWERCHINA has delivered a series of high-profile, industry-leading projects across more than 130 countries and regions, with a total contract value of over $100 billion for projects currently under construction.

In 2023, POWERCHINA ranked 105th on the Fortune Global 500 list and 1st on the ENR Top 150 Global Design Firms list. Additionally, it ranked 6th and 8th on the ENR Top 250 Global Contractors and International Contractors lists, respectively, both of which is the first place in the power industry sector globally.

Looking ahead, POWERCHINA remains committed to becoming a global leader in infrastructure development, construction, and operation. It embraces the corporate mission of "Building Clean Energy, Creating a Green Environment, and Serving Smart Cities." Focused on its main businesses of Water Works, Eletric Power, Urban Facilities and Digital technologies, it integrates the entire industry chain model of investment, construction, and operation to create value, give back to society, and contribute to the economic and social development of the countries it serves, thus promoting the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind.

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