China to provide scholarships and quotas to study the Chinese language

China to provide grants and quota to study Chinese language
Photo credit: Solton Zheksenbekov/Kazinform

At the international symposium on Higher Education Cooperation and Production Integration held in Astana, Chinese Education Minister Huai Jinpeng stated their readiness to further cooperate with the SCO member states suggesting to seek new ways for cooperation in the field of education, increase scholarships, and develop digital education, Kazinform News Agency reports.

He said the first is to seek new ways for cooperation in the field of education. China is ready to provide 1,000 international Chinese language teachers scholarships and 3,000 quotas for the Chinese language immersion summer camps in the next three years. The second is to expand the scale and establish SCO grants through the SCO master classes program, and the third is to jointly launch the SCO digital education architecture.

The Minister added China is ready to share its experience with SCO partners and co-develop AI and digital education to create an ecosystem based on the latest technologies.

Notably, yesterday the Ministers of Kazakhstan and China signed an agreement in the field of education embarking on a new journey of the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan-China relations.

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