China unveils new collection of ancient texts on traditional medicine

BEIJING. KAZINFORM - A new collection of ancient texts on health preservation was launched on Thursday at the National Library of China, marking the first major achievement in a national project dedicated to collating and protecting ancient manuscripts on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Xinhua reports.

Compiled by the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, the new volume encompasses the contents from 74 TCM classics, showcasing valuable insights into health preservation.

TCM emphasizes the close relationship between lifestyle and health, advocating for the preservation of well-being in daily life.

Since 2010, experts and scholars from across the country have collaborated in the national project, selecting 2,289 traditional classics from a vast pool of 13,000 ancient TCM texts for reproduction and publication. The project has involved the participation of nearly 1,000 individuals.

Efforts should be redoubled to better protect and utilize ancient Chinese medicine texts in a bid to provide strong support for the development of TCM, said Yu Yanhong, an official with the National Health Commission.

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