Cold weather awaits N Kazakhstan in February

PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZINFORM - Kazhydromet forecasters informed Kazinform correspondent on the weather predicted in North Kazakhstan region in February.

According to Natalya Levina, Deputy Director of the regional office, the average monthly air temperature will be between -15 and -17 degrees Celsius, which is 1 degree below the normal.

Patchy fog, snow, blizzard, and southeasterly wind with gusts up to 15-20 meters per second are expected in the region in the first days of February. In the nighttime, the air temperature will drop to 25...30 degrees below zero, to -38 degrees C in some places. During the daylight hours of the period, it will be from -10-15 to -25-30 degrees, and to -33 degrees in some areas.

It will be frosty on 6th and 7th February in the nighttime when the mercury will drop to -43 degrees below zero. During the day it will be cold too: -25-30 degrees, in some areas to minus 35. Precipitation is not predicted and the northeasterly wind will strengthen up to 9-14 meters per second on these dates.

The frosts will fade away by the end of the first ten-day period of February.

"In the second ten-day period, in the nighttime, there will be changes in air temperatures from -18-23 (-28 in some areas) to -13-18 degrees (-23 in some areas). In the daytime, the air temperatures will range from 7 to 17 degrees, and -17 to -22 degrees in some areas. Then, the temperatures will reach -10-15 at night (-20-25 in some areas) and -4-9 in the daytime (-14 in some areas). At the end of the middle period, patchy fog is likely in some areas," Levin said.

At the beginning of the third period of February, the air temperatures will drop again in the region. At nights, it will be as cold as -10-20 degrees, -30 degrees in some areas. In the afternoon, the mercury will rise to -4-15 degrees. There will be snowfall, blizzard, and 15-20 mps strong westerly wind. At the end of the third period, it will get warmer to -7-12 degrees at night and -2-7 degrees in the daytime.

According to the weather forecasters, the monthly amount of precipitation is expected to be almost normal - between 10 and 18 mm.

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