Colombia rejects deal to end FARC conflict: What happens next?

WASHINGTON, D.C. KAZINFORM A narrow win for Colombia's opponents to a government peace deal with FARC rebels has thrown the country into disarray, leading one journalist to starkly declare, "Nobody really knows what will happen tomorrow."

Likened to the fallout from the United Kingdom's "Brexit" referendum, the vote's unexpected failure has left the Colombian political classes reeling and unsure how to respond in order to save four years of hard negotiation with the Marxist militia.

And while a meeting of the deal's principals is scheduled for Monday morning, FARC's financial disclosures -- and possibly a disarmament campaign that began last week-- have been questioned.

Why did they reject it?

In the weeks leading up to Sunday's vote, many Colombians were angered by what they saw as insufficient punishment for those who perpetrated a litany of crimes against their people.
It's estimated 220,000 were killed in the 52-year conflict which displaced as many as 5 million people.
At the height of its terror campaign, the armed group seized territory, attacked government forces and conducted high-profile kidnappings. The rebels also hijacked planes, made millions trafficking cocaine and forced children to fight.
For just over half of those who voted, the FARC's past crimes were too much to forgive.

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