Coronavirus: Deaths in Italy up 475 to 2,978

ROME. KAZINFORM - Emergency Commissioner and Civil Protection Chief Angelo Borrelli said Wednesday that 2,978 people have died with the coronavirus in Italy, 475 more than Tuesday. The rise on Tuesday was 345, ANSA informs.

He said that 4,025 people in Italy have recovered from COVID-19, 1,084 more than Tuesday. Tuesday's daily rise was 192.

He said 28,710 people are currently infected with the coronavirus in Italy, 2,648 more than Tuesday.

The takes the overall number of people infected, including people who have died and those who have recovered, has reached 35,713.

«The number to have recovered is up 1,084, a truly important number, which takes us up to a total of 4,025, up 37% on yesterday,» said Borrelli.

«There are 2,648 more positive cases,» he added, saying this was effectively steady with respect to the trend for this week.

The government has imposed tough lockdown measures in a bid to stop the spread of the virus, although it could take weeks for the results to show in terms of a consistent drop in new cases.

«It is necessary to limit movements as much as possible,» said Borrelli.

«Today's figures help us to think positively, but correct conduct must be adopted».

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