Council of Muslim Elders partakes in meeting of Congress of Leaders of World Religions in Kazakhstan

NUR SULTAN. KAZINFORM Dr. Sultan Al Rumaithi, Secretary-General of the Council of Muslim Elders, on October 6 participated in the meeting of the Congress of Leaders of World Religions' Secretariat held in the Kazakh capital, Nur-Sultan.

In his speech at the event, Al Rumaithi said pluralism and diversity are divine concepts, and disregarding them is a crucial reason for the majority of conflicts that lead to the deaths of millions of people, WAM reports.

«The correct human behaviour towards the divine instinct of pluralism is to accept it and recognise the right of others and respect their differences. From this point of view, the concept of coexistence has become a basic requirement for managing diversity in human societies,» he added.

He then highlighted the role of religious leaders in promoting the concept of coexistence as a critical spiritual value and denouncing religious violence and hate speech.

Since its establishment, the Council of Muslim Elders has aimed to promote the values of peace and coexistence within Muslim communities, as well as end conflicts and wars that recently emerged in many Muslim countries, he further noted. Extremists are unable to confront the supporters of coexistence and, therefore, they try to present a misleading image of the concept, he added.

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