COVID-19 cases continue to spike in Kostanay region

KOSTANAY. KAZINFORM – The number of fresh COVID-19 cases continues to grow in Kostanay region as it registered almost 300 daily infections on average, Kazinform correspondent reports.

Kostanay region reported 214 COVID-19 cases on 16 January, compared to 291 new COVID-19 cases documented on January 18.

Of 291, 30 COVID-19 cases had no symptoms of the coronavirus infection.

Of 291 new laboratory confirmed cases, 163 COVID-19 cases were detected in Kostanay city alone. Rudny town and Kostanay district added 34 and 29 COVID-19 cases, respectively.

Starting from 3 April 2020 till 18 January 2022 Kostanay region recorded 42,668 COVID-19 cases. 41,505 people fully recovered from the novel coronavirus. 349,755 people were inoculated with the first dose of anti-COVID vaccines. The second dose was administered to 332,018 people.

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