Crime rate reduced by 5.2% in Kazakhstan in 2014

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - The crime rate reduced by 5.2% in Kazakhstan in 2014 comparing to the previous year, the committee for crime statistics of the General Prosecutor's Office reports.

The reduction was registered in all crime categories.

The coordination of the activities of the state bodies aimed at prevention of crimes allowed to reduce the rate of thievery, disorderly conduct and robbery which make 72% of all crimes committed in the country. The crimes committed under intoxication reduced by 4.3%, the crimes committed by minors reduced by 16.9%, the street crime dropped by 10.5% and recidivism decreased by 7.2%. The indicators which are used for determining the criminal situation in the country are all reducing. Thus, the number of murders reduced by 19.3%, robbery and violence dropped by 29.7% and racketeering decreased by 19.2%.

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