Crises, Cataclysms and Conflicts: How to overcome the destructive synergy of three

ALMATY. August 9. KAZINFORM Uraz Baimuratov, Director of Research Institute of Financial and Banking Management, Academician of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, has developed the Manifesto of Harmonious Consciousness.

It answers the question of how to overcome the destructive synergy of three "C": crises, cataclysms and conflicts.

Harmony will save the world. Today the attention of scientists and politicians is focused upon the global financial and economic crisis. But there are also other crises - ecological, military-political, spiritual-and-moral, and in a number of the countries there is also a demographic crisis.

According to U. Baimuratov, all types of crises, cataclysms and the conflicts are disharmony in society and environment. Some of them gain sharper lines (defaults, cataclysms, big wars). All of them are interconnected, but meanwhile there is a search of ways of exit only from the financial crisis. At that, failures and incapacity of the widely applied concept of liberal economic system and radical liberalism on the whole in conditions of the secular society are ignored when immorality in behavior of people blossoms. Many people try to find recipes of getting out of the crises without having defined their sources - they treat only symptoms, instead of illness genesis. The dominating technocratic approach leads away from the truth. And the road to it lies through the harmonious thinking (consciousness) recognizing the domination of spirituality over corporeity, and not vice versa that would have been the deadlock. At that, purity of thoughts defines righteousness of actions. In the harmoniously developed consciousness of an individual there is individualism and altruism at the same time.

"All three «C» have one deep reason - disharmony between quickly growing material needs of people and strongly lagging behind spiritual and moral principles - the basis of any society. It is expressed in deformed consciousness of many people. Soullessness and immorality can cause fatal consequences. Let's recall death of rich peoples such as Ad, Samud, Nukh, Sodom and Gomorrah. There are also examples of later time. The main thing is to understand that without elimination of the fundamental reason of crises the effect will be short-term, development will be unstable, and subsequently it will result in a collapse". 

Economic activity of the mankind produced huge material values and served for development of the civilization. On the other hand, it caused huge damage to the environment. Ecological violations caused negative changes of planetary scale - climate warming up, formation of "ozone gaps", tsunamis, earthquakes, desertification etc. In different parts of the planet natural cataclysms with huge number of victims and huge economic damage became frequent.

And this tendency is unlikely to stop. Disasters become heavier not only because of irrational economic activity, negative thoughts and actions of people also have serious influence on the course of natural processes. Cataclysms are a signal about limits of anthropogenous impact on the nature. That is why each step of the human should be carefully verified.

The unreasonable complacency should be excluded. More and more resources should be accumulated and sent to the struggle against consequences of natural cataclysms and man-caused catastrophes. Special danger is caused by armed bloodsheds which can develop into war of world scale. Aggression roughly contradicts commandments of the Almighty, and responsibility for it, as it is known from history, arises adequately and inevitably. The military conflicts distract huge resources from acute problems of economic growth and social development, and aggravate difficult situation of billions of starving people. Moreover, they increase threat of new and stronger natural emergencies not only in the zone of hostilities, but also in the territory of aggressors under the law of justice. At that, war psychosis arises, and aggression grows, that moves away kind qualities in consciousness of people to the background. So, the evil overrides the good, but as life teaches, for the time being.

Some governors have a temptation to solve economic and political problems of their countries by means of expansion for misappropriation of natural resources and material riches, and establishment of their dictation. Formerly, wars often occurred due to economic reasons. But the effect from them was short-term or instigators suffered defeats and bore responsibility for their deeds. And it is inevitable at any level - from the individual to the society. This lesson of history is still edificatory today.

History teaches to be not only responsible for one's own actions. It shows that sooner or later triumph of justice comes. The colonial system, as it is known, broke up, independent states were formed. The XXth century abruptly changed everything. Because of demographic recession, nowadays the former mother countries accept huge masses of migrants from their former colonies not as slaves any more, but as free people with their religion, language, culture, and traditions. It is a boomerang. It is the law of justice.

In modern conditions any war is not a way of solving economic and political tasks. In present ecological conditions it can become a detonator of cataclysms of the world scale, where there are no winners. That dictates the necessity of reduction of military expenses, rational consumption of riches, especially the food. It should be noted that the famine of the 30-ies in the SU in our opinion has not been studied thoroughly. Researchers only identified immediate causes of famine; deep roots remain without their attention. The problem of water resources demands special attention, first of all, drinking water.

The peculiarity of our epoch consists in extreme aggravation and synchrony of the most different crises, large natural cataclysms and the military conflicts. Their further deepening and expansion will create real threats to social and economic development of many states and civilization on the whole. These threats will immeasurably increase, if local conflicts are frequent or develop into a large-scale war. The modern arsenal of weapons (first of all, nuclear missile weapons) of powerful states is very big, that in conditions of global crises and cataclysms extremely dangerous for the whole world.

So, the level of threats depends on sharpening of disharmony of one, two or three «C» with growth of destructive synergy of their interaction. It is useful for politicians and governors of all countries responsible for well-being of peoples to know this regularity.

Aggravation of three «C» is a huge challenge for all mankind. Under laws of nonlinear system represented by our difficult world, combination and interaction of processes and factors give positive or negative synergies depending on the vector of changes. All crises, cataclysms and conflicts strengthen each other. Thus small mutual influence is capable to cause huge destructions in the system on the whole. Aggravation of various crises, increase of natural cataclysms and synchrony of their passing through the time has  already lit the SOS signal. Their achievement of critical weight cannot be allowed, and urgent preventive measures are necessary so that not to cause the "domino effect" leading to the global disaster.

Crisis of spirituality has probably reached its bottom, and soon the epoch of its rise over the unspiritual will come. The mankind faces the need to clean its thoughts from an "economic" virus of super-enrichment, money fetishism, to change its way of life, to come back to old kind values, to achieve reasonable balance between modernism and conservatism. True spirituality is formed on the basis of true directions of world religions. So, in Islam it is forbidden to be the first to use the weapon, i.e. aggression is inadmissible due to religious reasons. The new non-aggression pact and the pact of non-use of nuclear weapons  of all the countries should put a barrier before aggressive intentions of anybody. It is impossible to ignore the fact that increase of the negative in consciousness of people worsens their economic activity and gives rise to new aggressive plans. Therefore the remained potential of the Earth is to be used only for peaceful and creative purposes, remembering its limitedness - the mankind has already used its limit of rough intervention in the environment.

Spirituality strengthening, dialogue of civilizations, establishment of trust in international relations, consolidation of forces in the struggle against crises and cataclysms provide a saving way which has no alternative. Here joint efforts of clergy, science, education, power, institutes of civil society, i.e. all people are very important. Synthesis of spiritual and scientific knowledge about our world is necessary.

Persevering movement to Harmony of society, economy and environment is necessary. The formula of Harmony is simple: D+3D, that means that for harmonious demo-economical development, the same development of other three components of social evolution - democracy, demography and demo-ethics (spirituality and morality) - is necessary. Harmony is formed on the principles of social justice and moderation in everything, while spirituality and morality perform the role of the stable society base.

Principles of Islamic ethics and economy, the huge creative potential of which has not been fully used anywhere in the world, serve as the vector of social evolution leading to Harmony. In the multi-confessional countries their combination with traditional economic model and finance, i.e. creation of mixed economy, is possible.

 The world has not yet perceived that it runs down to abyss in its most part. For full assessment of the extent of different threats and development of system answers it is expedient to convene a world Internet forum of scientists, politicians and spiritual leaders on the subject "Modern world: challenges and vector of harmonious development". Governments of countries of all continents could become its sponsors and organizers, and the words "Consolidation instead of confrontation" could be its motto. Fortunately, our uneasy world still has chances for further civilized development.



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