CSTO forces can be used within Organization only in case of member states' appeal - N.Nazarbayev

MOSCOW. December 10. KAZINFORM /Muratbek Makulbekov/ "The CSTO forces can be used within the Organization only in case of an appeal of member states", Kazakh President N.Nazarbayev said at the CSTO session in Moscow.

"Legal documentation of all aspects of functioning of forces and instruments of the collective security system will allow proceeding to practical measures. These are regulation of joint exercise and operations conduction, advanced development of planned documents, repelling any threats, safety of the CSTO member states", N.Nazarbayev said.

The Head of the State said that Kazakhstan was ready to support the earlier agreed positions of the member states and sign corresponding documents. He noted that it was necessary to conduct explanatory work in the CSTO member states and explain that the Organization was aimed at repelling external treats.

According to him, the CSTO collective forces can be involved only in case of an appeal of governments of the Organization member states in course of implementing their constitutional rights and commitments.

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