Cyclone chills Southern and Southeastern Brazil

Photo: Agencia Brasil
BRASILIA. KAZINFORM Cities in Brazil’s South and Southeast regions were ravaged by windstorms, heavy rains, and hail, resulting in the loss of four lives in different states of the country. The passage of the extratropical cyclone left a trail of destruction and flooding in multiple municipalities.

As a consequence, these regions are bracing for a significant drop in temperatures caused by a cold air mass expected to arrive on Friday (Jul. 14), Agencia Brasil reports.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the winds in the state of Rio Grande do Sul are anticipated to weaken, although the sky will remain predominantly cloudy. Isolated showers are also possible. Temperatures are not expected to exceed 13ºC, with a minimum of 8ºC. In Paraná state, the forecast indicates a minimum temperature of 5ºC and a maximum of 14ºC. São Paulo state is likely to experience a minimum of 10ºC and a maximum of 16ºC.

There is a risk of moderate frost in a belt stretching from Rio Grande do Sul to the southernmost region of Mato Grosso do Sul state.

The effects of the extratropical cyclone continue to generate rough sea conditions, with the entire southern coast experiencing waves exceeding 3 meters and peaking at 4.5 meters.

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