Dariga Nazarbayeva: Scheme of development of textbooks in Kazakhstan vicious and corrupt

ASTANA. January 31.KAZINFORM Chairman of the Committee for Social and Cultural Development of the Majilis Dariga Nazarbayeva called the scheme of development of textbooks in Kazakhstan vicious and corrupt.

"We studied carefully the problem of textbooks. Today we believe that the scheme of development, publication, distribution of textbooks is absolutely corrupt. It requires a change. Private publishers mustn't develop textbooks, and then print them, using public funds," Nazarbayeva told an enlarged board meeting of the Ministry of Education and Science.

In addition, she commented on the content and quality of curriculum material in schools. "The curriculum is revised every year, new disciplines are introduced. Such experiments are not always successful and effective. They do not add quality to education," the Majilis member stressed.

Moreover, Nazarbayeva emphasized the need to reduce unnecessary, duplicative disciplines. "Reducing unnecessary disciplines will reduce the burden on students and enable students to devote more time for specialization and preparation for university entrance. Overall, 25% of the university curriculum is designated for general education disciplines, which could have been assigned for specialization," she said.

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