Day of Chinese Culture held at SCO Secretariat

BEIJING. KAZINFORM Day of Chinese Culture was held at the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on Monday.

Over 300 participants of the event – heads of foreign diplomatic missions of the SCO member states, journalists, business and public figures surveyed an exhibition of the sculptures by famous Chinese sculptors and porcelains produced by Wang Long Ceramics Co., Ltd as per the technology of the epoch of Yuan, Ming and Jin dynasties.

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The guests were offered to enjoy a festive concert and traditional Chinese cuisine.    

The SCO Secretariat was presented a work by Chinese sculptor Zhen Zhen “A Warrior and a Poet”. 

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“I am grateful to you for this generous and invaluable gift which you are passing to the SCO Secretariat. It reflects “the spirit of Shanghai”– we never threaten anybody. But we are strong with our spirit. We are always open for cooperation with the world. We are strong with our solidarity. We are strong with our good-neighborhood relations. We are strong with our common history. Our double force is in our common future. This beautiful sculpture embodies our spiritual force based on our common history taking its roots from the Great Silk Road (…) Today we have witnessed an unusual concert.  Together with our friends we wanted to show a traditional China and its  inimitable culture. On the second hand, we wanted to show a modern China which is in step with the times and  is a way ahead of it. I hope very much that we  could open a small window to a big world of Chinese culture,” said Secretary General of the SCO Rashid Alimov.

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The Day of Chinese Culture opened a series of events of the SCO member states to be held in the year of Kazakhstan’s chairmanship in the Organization under the slogan “SCO is Our Common House.”

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