Death toll rises to 127 in Brazilian flood disaster

Photo: Anadolu

The number of casualties rose to 127 in floods caused by heavy rains in Brazil, with 141 people reported missing, authorities reported Saturday, Anadolu reports. 

Following heavy rains that have been affecting the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul since last week, the loss of life and property is steadily increasing.

The Civil Defense of the state said 756 injured individuals have been hospitalized and search and rescue operations are ongoing without interruption.

It said nearly 2 million people have been adversely affected by the floods, with 71,409 temporarily sheltered in schools, sports halls and churches.

Regional Development Minister Waldez Goe stressed the "extremely worrying" situation in the state, noting that new rains will further complicate matters.

Information shared about relief efforts supported by the military and police indicates that 70,863 people and 9,984 animals have been rescued from the disaster areas.

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's government announced a $9.8 billion aid package for the reconstruction of Rio Grande do Sul.

State of emergency declared

Rio Grande do Sul Gov. Eduardo Leite, in a statement on May 3, noted that there were still areas officials could not reach.

"We are going through an extremely exceptional situation. This is not just a critical event; it is the most devastating event in the history of the state," he said.

Leite announced a "state of disaster" for 180 days due to the magnitude of the tragedy and emphasized serious efforts in evacuating victims.

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