Decision made to set up Russian-Kazakh air defense system

MINSK. February 3. KAZINFORM It has been decided to set up a united Russian-Kazakh air defense system. The information was released by Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Mr Nikolai Bordiuzha during a video conference on 1 February. The video conference connected Moscow, Minsk, Kyiv, Astana, and Yerevan and discussed results of the CSTO operation in 2012.

"The relevant decision was signed several days ago. We assume that in the future Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan will be able to join the system after they are done with all the necessary legal and technical questions," said the Secretary General.

Nikolai Bordiuzha reminded that a Russian-Belarusian air defense system and a Russian-Armenian air defense system had been created and operate already. He remarked that it is possible that in the future all these systems will be merged into some common concept and will operate using the same agreement. "What has been created in the regions constitutes parts of the common system we are striving for," said the CSTO Secretary General, Kazinform has learned from BelTA

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