Decree on recovery of East Kazakhstan's near-border districts to be adopted by yearend

ASTANA. KAZINFORM The decree on recovery of Katon-Karagai and Markakol districts in East Kazakhstan region will be adopted by the end of the year. This is what Vice Minister of National Economy Abzal Abdikarimov wrote in an official reply to Kazinform’s request.

According to the Vice Minister, the Action Plan on recovery/restoration of the East Kazakhstan and Abai regions was approved on July 21. The Action Plan contains all organizational and preparational activities on the recovery and restoration of these regions. As per the plan, the decree on restoration of Katon-Karagai and Markakol districts will be adopted by the end of the year.

The number of settlements in the districts is still being discussed. The territory and borders of the districts as well as the number of settlements in them will be announced by the local administration.

Abzal Abdikarimov answered also the question on granting a special status to Katon-Karagai and Markakol districts.

«As for granting a special status to the near-border territories of the East Kazakhstan region, it is out of the question. In accordance with the 2023-2027 Rural Areas Development Concept, we will launch a number of measures to maintain the existing infrastructure and basic services in small near-border settlements,» he says.

One of such measures is raising salaries for the residents of near-border settlements which face labour force shortage. This issue is yet to be discussed.

According to the Ministry, the population of Katon-Karagai district has decreased by 5% in the past five years, while Markakol district sees a 21% decline in the population.

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