Detoxification to be repeated at «Proton» crash site in Baikonur

BAIKONUR. August 1. KAZINFORM A new detoxification will be conducted at the crash site of a Russian Proton-M carrier rocket at Baikonur cosmodrome, First Deputy General Director of the Russian Center for the Operation of Space Ground-Based Infrastructure Sergey Smirnov told journalists on Wednesday while visiting the crash site of the rocket.

According to him, the new detoxification will be conducted on August 5-10.

The first detoxification in crash site of "Proton" was conducted on July 23-26. Smirnov also reported that, to date, around 500 samples were selected, which were taken by two laboratories, Kazinform refers to

As a result of the detoxification, the area of contamination has decreased by almost five times.
According to Smirnov, the daily monitoring of air is conducted and to date, it is in normal range.
"The work will be conducted until the full results achieved," the deputy of the center's director said.

According to Smirnov, the work is being carried out jointly with Kazakh Scientific Research Center "Garysh-Ecology."

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