Development of renewable energy sources is necessity, not luxury - expert

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Director of the Association of Renewable Energy of Kazakhstan Sultan Tundukpayev thinks that development of renewable energy courses is the necessity for Kazakhstan, not luxury.

S. Tundukpayev told it during opening of the international seminar titled "Use of the best world practices for development of projects on renewable energy in Kazakhstan" in Astana.

"A lot has been done in Kazakhstan for development of renewable energy sources. However, despite all the efforts there has been no breakthrough in the sphere. I think the reason is the lack verified and trusted information and knowledge about this sphere. Many people in Kazakhstan are skeptical about the renewable energy sources and think it is like an expensive toy that is going to vanish after the EXPO-2017. It is not true. Development of the renewable energy sources is a global and fundamental trend that becomes even more popular," he commented.

S. Tundukpayev also revealed some information of the International agency on renewable energy IRENA that read that the capacity of all green power plants in the world totaled 1829 gigawatt and 1000 gigawatt of it was built in the 21 st century.

In Kazakhstan, the current capacity of the green power plants is 177 megawatt and the share of the green energy in the total energy production is 0.6%.

Does not matter if we want it or not, but the renewable energy is a part of the power infrastructure. Development of the sector is not a luxury for Kazakhstan, but the necessity," S. Tundukpayev added.

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