Diagnosis of Russian with suspected Ebola to be clear within 3-4 days

VLADIVOSTOK. KAZINFORM - A Russian citizen with suspected Ebola, staff member of the Red Cross, was taken by plane to a hospital in Novosibirsk on Sunday.

The man was taken to the virology and biotechnology centre, where test results may be ready within 3-4 days. Meanwhile, the patient will be at the anti-plague division of the Ussuriysk city hospital. This mobile division, which is adjusted for treatment of dangerous infections was organised on Sunday immediately following the information the dangerous illness may have been taken to the region, representative of the local healthcare department Kseniya Gusentsova told TASS. She said the patient's state remains stable. The staff member of the International Committee of the Red Cross, who returned recently after work in Senegal and Guinea, arrived in Vladivostok from Moscow by an Aeroflot flight. During the flight he complained about fever and poor conditions. The flight attendants isolated the man in the rear part of the plane. On landing at the airport, healthcare experts suspected the man of being infected with Ebola and the decision was to take him to a specialised hospital. All the people on board the flight, visited doctors. For a month on, they will be monitored by their local doctors. "All the services, which were involved in meeting the passenger suspected of being infected with Ebola, worked properly," deputy governor Pavel Serebryakov said. "They have practiced actions at several specialised drills." Russia has not yet registered cases of illnesses caused by the Ebola virus. In late October, 2014, in Komsomolsk-on- Amur to hospital were taken a mother and her nine-month old baby, who had returned from Nigeria. Luckily, their tests were negative. Another suspicion was about a man, who arrived in Moscow from Paris on January 19. His tests were negative, too.

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