Dimash Qudaibergen shows fans his ‘dark side’ in newly released MV

New MV
Photo credit: instagram.com/kudaibergenov.dimash

The wait is finally over – Dimash Qudaibergen has released the new music video for ‘When I’ve got you’, Kazinform News Agency reports.

“My new music video When I’ve Got You is available on YouTube now!” the singer wrote on his Instagram account about the music video directed by Galym Assylov.

In the almost 8-minute long video Dimash can be viewed as a vampire-like creature in a gothic castle filled with dark and creepy atmosphere.

He performs the song playing the piano, luring the female protagonist with his angelic voice. Once it is revealed that Dimash is actually a vampire and he is about to bite the girl, she wakes up in her car with a newspaper with Dimash gracing its the front page.

‘When I’ve got you’ MV has surpassed 223,330 views 19 hours after its release.

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