Director of Institute of World Economy and Policy S. Akimbekov took part in 4th World Peace Forum

BEIJING. KAZINFORM - Director of the Institute of World Economy and Policy of the Fund of the First President of Kazakhstan Sultan Akimbekov took part in the 4th World Peace Forum in Beijing. The main theme of the forum was "Joint overcoming of the difficulties: understanding, consultations and mutual assistance".

"The forum reflects the striving of China to play a more important role in the global processes. Judging by the number of panel session we can see that the forum embraces a big range of problems in the sphere of ensuring security," S. Akimbekov said in an interview to a Kazinform correspondent.

According to him, China invests big money in different regions of the world including the funds invested within the projects like "Economic Belt of the Silk Road", Asian Bank of Infrastructural Investments and other initiatives. Thus the issues of security are highly important for China.

As earlier reported, the World Peace Forum is the first non-governmental forum in China focused on security issues. The organizer of the event is Tsing Hua University. The forum was held for the first time in July of 2012. Experts in the sphere of international relations and security and a number of well-known political figures from different countries take part in the event annually.

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